University of Science and Technology of China: Large space virtual reality interaction

Pubtime:2018-10-15 00:00

Nokov Optical Motion Capture System provides different solutions according to the specific needs of users
Choose appropriate types of cameras according to the requirements on resolution, frequency and accuracy;
Select corresponding number of cameras and constructing plan according to the site conditions and test environment;
Set different data output schemes according to the requirements of secondary development.
System Configuration
Motion capture cameras: Mars 2H (twelve)
Software: Seeker 2.0
Function Achieved
In a 14m × 14m super-large space, twelve Mars 2H motion capture cameras are used for positioning and tracking multiple virtual reality (VR) HMDs and VR interaction controllers, so as to realize the virtual interaction with multiple persons moving freely in a large space. See Siggraph 2018 for related research results.