Developer Tools for Virtual Reality

It can be used as a large space positioning system to integrate with straight screen, circular screen, arc screen, HMD, CAVE and other devices to build virtual reality application solutions with ultra-low latency.

Medical Training and Research OPEN +

It greatly improves the efficiency and utilization of resources in teaching and scientific research, while minimizing the fault-tolerance costs. Solutions such as virtual teaching of human anatomy, simulation-based surgery training and teaching, virtual hospital and virtual medical research laboratory have been widely applied.

Virtual Assembly and Disassembly OPEN +

Through simulation of the reality equipment, the trainee can use the virtual interaction technology to implement the demonstration and operation of manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and repair of the equipment in a virtual environment. Through the simulation platform, the user can understand the entire process of virtual assembly and disassembly, to achieve the purposes of learning and training.

Operational Process Simulation OPEN +

Simulation-based demonstration and instruction on the operational process of any material object under any circumstance, such as mechanical assembly and disassembly, production line operation, emergency drill, electric power construction, building construction, biological cultivation, etc.

Teaching and Scientific Research OPEN +

Taking into consideration the professional background and needs of colleges and universities, virtual reality technology and data transmission technology can be used to create practical and advanced virtual reality teaching and research training room.

Virtual Experiment OPEN +

Establish a virtual experimental environment; design and simulate varied types of experiments; simulate the experimental results in a safe way and facilitate validation of the inferences and presets. The application of virtual experiment is widely needed in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, natural science, electromechanics and chemical engineering.

Training Simulation OPEN +

The virtual training facility is a complete simulation of the actual training environment. Virtual training can achieve the same learning effect as reality training. Trainees can learn autonomously through the teaching management system, and tutors can realize a true representation of various training scenarios through the teaching system, so as to effectively improve the actual operation level of the trainees.