Beijing Institute of Technology

Networked Multi-agent Cooperative Control Experiment Platform
Real-time and accurate acquisition of 6DoF position and orientation of a single rigid body or multiple rigid bodies in the capture area

Introduction of the System

  • Provide core equipment support for the fast-iterative design, experimentation and comprehensive validation of control algorithms (classical control algorithms, modern control algorithms and cooperative control algorithms) for various types of intelligent agents (UGVs and UAVs);
  • Based on this cooperative control platform, it is possible to carry out long-time continuous experimental teaching activities or assist the related entities to develop products with shorter R & D cycle.

Composition of the System

  • Nokov Motion Capture System
  • Agent (UGVs and UAVs) Subsystem
  • Communication Subsystem
  • Control Subsystem

System Functions

  • Large-scale multi-agent cooperative control: Positioning with sub-millimeter accuracy, many-to-many wifi communication and distributed computing module design guarantee the number of nodes accessible to the terminal and meet the requirement of real-time control;
  • Realization of control algorithms with high-complexity and high calculation amount: Networked control strategy, which allows complex algorithms to be implemented on a PC end or even the cloud, ensures effective and real-time control;
  • Secondary development: The complete system architecture allows the addition of heterogeneous structure; different types of agents could be added to this platform according to the needs of users to realize more abundant functions.

Advantages of the System

Higher Accuracy

Compared to the positioning methods of GPS, dead reckoning or global camera, the accuracy of this system is greatly improved to achieve sub-millimeter accuracy.

Comprehensive Solutions

Provide a complete set of cooperative control platform solutions.

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