Mars Series – Meeting The Specialized Needs Of Various Fields

Performance Advantages

Sub-millimeter Accuracy

Thanks to the combination of 10-bit grayscale (color depth) + GrayScale image processing algorithm, Nokov Motion Capture System can be used for motion capture with sub-millimeter accuracy.

Multi-Subject Real-Time Motion Capture

Nokov is willing to take every possible step to ensure real-time and fast data acquisition and to enable users to observe every movement of multiple subjects at the same time.

Professional and Efficient After-Sale Services

We provide a full range of after-sale services, including installation, training, FAQ, with extensive experiences in the fields of UAV, robotics, virtual reality, entertainment, gait analysis, movement analysis, ergonomics, etc.

Model Resolution No. of Pixels Frame Rate Latency FOV No. of HLEDs Lens Downloads
Mars1.3 1280×1024 1.3MP 120 Hz 8.3 ms 56.3°×43.7° 16 6mm
Mars1.3H 1280×1024 1.3MP 240 Hz 4.2 ms 56.3°×43.7° 16 8mm
Mars2 1920×1080 2MP 60 Hz 8.3 ms 56.3°×43.7° 16 8mm
Mars2H 2048×1088 2.2MP 340 Hz 3.2 ms 56.3°×43.7° 16 8mm
Mars4H 2048×2048 4MP 180 Hz 5.5 ms 61.7°×61.7° 16 12mm
Mars8H 3840×2160 8MP 260 Hz 4.2ms 72.3°×48.6° 20 18mm
Mars12H 4096×3072 12MP 300 Hz 3.3 ms 72.3°×48.6° 24 18-55mm