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Animation Synthesis Technology Application
School of Computer Science & Technology - Beijing Institute of Technology
8M × 8M × 3M
3D Animation Synthesis, Animation Database
Human Movement
24 × Mars 2H Mocap Camera

In recent years, 3D animation synthesis has been widely used in game animation, movie special effects and virtual reality, and has become a research hotspot in the field of computer graphics. This technology relies on motion capture, which obtains the data of moving objects with the help of motion capture system, and then synthesizes the captured data into the final 3D animation by using motion fusion model.

At present, the method commonly used in industry and academia is to animate the original data directly, which can generate linear and smooth 3D animation. However, the original motion capture data is limited. Once the demand for the number and variety of animation generation increases, the cost of motion capture will increase too much. Therefore, the researcher raised the question whether the existing motion capture data can be reused to create animation different from the original data.

The School of Computer Science & Technology, BIT has studied this problem by using motion capture system to capture raw motion data, then extracting and synthesizing key frames to create 3d animations that are different from the original motion. In the stage of establishing the animation database, NOKOV was used to calculate the 6-DOF of the rigid body to determine the human body posture through the positioning information of the markers on the model. Then the rigid body data of the skeleton was imported into Motion Builder, Maya and other professional animation software to establish the whole body motion model.

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