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Efficiency is increased by 4 times, and motion capture helps technology winter Olympic water cube transform into ice cube
Project of Winter-Summer Scene Conversion of Science and Technology Winter Olympics Water Cube
Motion capture, leveling, level gauge, curling
Concrete precast slab

In order to realize the concept of sustainable development of Green Winter Olympics and improve the utilization rate of existing Olympic venues, the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee proposed to transform a number of summer Olympic venues for the Winter Olympics. The Water Cube, the swimming venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. As the main venue of curling events in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, it will once again witness the glory of athletes.

To turn the water cube into an ice cube, it is necessary to build a steel structure in an empty swimming pool, splice prefabricated panels on the steel frame to form a platform, then lay a waterproof layer, a thermal insulation layer, a moisture-proof layer and an anti-skid layer in turn, and then lay an ice-making pipe on it. When the refrigerant with a temperature of MINUS 18 degrees flows in the ice-making pipe of the whole track, the water can be frozen into ice by watering directly on the ice-making pipe to form a whole ice surface.

Curling track has extremely strict requirements on ice surface, even if the leveling deviation of 1mm will affect the track of curling sliding, thus changing the result of the race, which requires that the ice surface must be leveled. To form a flat ice surface, all prefabricated panels on the steel frame must be kept on the same plane.


Aiming at the above problems, the research group of Winter-Summer Scene Conversion Project of Science and Technology Winter Olympics Water Cube developed the leveling dynamic monitoring technology. The leveling dynamic monitoring technology developed by the research group is based on NOKOV optical three-dimensional motion capture system, which uses infrared optical cameras erected around the site to capture markers placed on prefabricated panels, thus determining the position of prefabricated panels in real time. The positioning accuracy of NOKOV measurement motion capture system can reach sub-millimeter level, which meets the leveling accuracy requirements of precast slab.

The traditional leveling method is completed by using equipment such as level gauge. There are 1568 precast concrete slabs in this ice cube project. Previously, leveling was carried out by level gauge. Workers involved 8 boards around each leveling slab, which required running point measurement, which took a lot of measurement time.


Using the dynamic leveling system based on NOKOV metric motion capture, the coordinates of the ball on each board in the area can be obtained at the same time, and the screen reflects its elevation change and position change when moving the ball. Put the ball in the center of the precast slab, and the system will automatically identify whether its elevation is within a reasonable range according to the set reference value. If it is within a reasonable range, it will be displayed in green; If it is out of the reasonable range, it will be displayed in red, and the difference from the reference elevation will be displayed.


Workers don't need to work hard to measure the running point. By observing the red warning on the screen, they can quickly locate which board needs to be adjusted and the height that needs to be adjusted, which can be adjusted in place at one time, greatly improving the measurement efficiency. Last year, it took 45 days to complete the supporting structure of the whole structure. This year, leveling and dynamic monitoring technology was used in the construction. It took only 10 days to complete, and the construction efficiency increased by 4 times!

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